Great Pumpkin Chase

The Great Pumpkin Chase runs during the month of October and is designed to teach our students about the importance of fundraising and the difference that it can make. Built upon the framework of physical fitness and health, students are given three weeks to gather pledges from people that they know and prizes are given for every level of fundraising.

On the day of the GPC students are given a GPC t-shirt and the field by the playground is turned into a track with music, decorations, water and snacks. Each student will run 35 laps, earning money for every lap!. Every student participates are credited with running 35 laps around the track in order to make this a positive fundraising experience for all the students no matter their age, abilities or financial participation. Parents, relatives and friends are encouraged to come cheer everyone on the day of the event!

This is a wonderful and exciting event that both students and teachers enjoy! It’s something everyone looks forward to every year!