For over 80 years Fairyland Elementary School has served as an anchor of the Lookout Mountain community, providing a first class education to our youngest mountaineers Throughout its existence, the parents, faculty, staff and community have collaborated together in support of the school by providing donations, volunteering time and making financial contributions to the Fairyland Education Fund. This strong culture of giving ensures that Fairyland is a leader in early childhood education. We are so proud that 100% of FES faculty and 100% of the PTO Executive Board contribute to the FEF and are hopeful that all Fairyland families will contribute an amount appropriate for them. Our goal is always 100% participation.

Help Fairyland Reach its Goal of $150,000 this school year.

When you make a gift to the Fairyland Education Fund, you help to meet the School’s most pressing needs by closing the gap between funding received from the state and county and what a Fairyland education actually costs. Some of the programs funded are but not limited to the following:

  • A full-time computer teacher
  • A music curriculum
  • A RTI Interventionist
  • A Fine Arts Program to include a dramatic production and art show
  • A Spanish program for Pre-K through 1st Grade
  • Upgrades to the Media Center, Innovation Computer Lab, Gym and Playground
  • Teacher support

Every gift, no matter what size, is important to ensuring that we continue to maintain the highest standards, strengthen our programs, and help our students fully realize their potential. Please join us in making an impact on our future leaders and our community by sending in your tax-deductible gift today.