Arrival, Dismissal & Transportation


7:30 am
  • School doors open for all students at Main Entrance
  • Buses arrive
  • Breakfast opens
  • Playground equipment may not be used between 7:30am – 8:00am
7:50 am
  • Parents are encouraged to have students arrive in classrooms by 7:50am
8:00 am
  • Announcements begin, class instruction starts
8:00 am
  • Late arriving students are tardy and need to go to the office to receive a tardy pass before going to class

Please Remember:

  • Carpool Drivers
    • Please be a good role model by following carpool rules, and being courteous and cautious of others
    • Pull-up completely, stay in your car and allow children to exit on their own
    • Utilize visitor’s parking spaces if your child requires special assistance or extra time
    • Say goodbye and have students ready to exit car before reaching drop-off area
  • All adults entering the building at any time must sign-in at Main Office and wear a Visitor Badge
  • Pets are not allowed in any of the buildings unless authorized by the Principal


2:30 pm
  • Bus Riders dismissed from classrooms and escorted by FES Staff
  • Front Door and Back Door Walkers dismissed from classrooms and escorted by FES staff
    • FES encourages families to walk to school for good health and family bonding
    • Be mindful of high traffic areas, as many drivers may not be as mindful of little walkers
    • Bike racks are available at the main entrance. Please be sure to lock up your bike
  • Carpool Riders dismissed from classrooms and line up by grade on front porch
  • Drivers form two lines:
    • Left lane will exit to the left onto Lula Lake
    • Right lane will exit to the right on Lula Lake
    • Please be mindful of which direction you will be leaving a line up accordingly
    • Teachers will guide the movement of the carpool lanes


  • Please park in designated areas and be mindful of reserved spots
  • Don’t park in no-parking zones – especially the fire and bus zone at the front of the school on Lula Lake
  • If possible, please try not to park in the front circle as this area needs to be clear in case of any emergencies

Please do not use your cellphone when driving on campus for everyone’s safety